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How to renew or revoke Email ID certificate?

Certificate renewal:

The renewal allows to extend the validity of the certificate while maintaining the data contained therein.
Log in to your user account and check the validity of your certificate in the Manage Certificates tab


    The purchase of renewal of an SSL certificate consists of the following parts:

  • Choose the E-mail ID renewal in the shop and add the service to the shopping cart
  • After selecting the service(s), check the contents of the shopping cart and then confirm the order by clicking the Proceed to Checkout button
  • Fill in the address information and make sure the data is entered correctly.
  • Choose the appropriate payment method:
    1. Quick transfer
    2. Standard transfer

Activation of certificate renewal

    Information about placing an order in the Certum shop is sent to the e-mail address given in the order, and the renewal process can be started from Your account, in the tab Activate Certificates.

  • Select the renewal you want to activate from the list and click Activate
  • The E-mail ID certificate activation process consists of such elements as:
    1. Selecting the key delivery method for the certificate
      • CSR (Certificate Signing Request) – a request to sign a certificate; The CSR file will be sent to the certifying institution in order to sign it, i.e. create an appropriate public key
      • Generating a key pair – creating a key pair using Certum CryptoAgent application
    2. Entering data for the certificate to the form
    3. Verification of the data entered in the form Note: after activation, it will not be possible to change the data in the issued certificate
    4. Confirmation of the statement
    5. E-mail access verification – Subscriber will receive an email with a verification link, using which must confirm access to the email address entered in the certificate data.
    6. Sending of identity-confirming documents/ company documents depending on the E-mail ID certificate type
    7. After positive verification of all the information sent to Certum, a notification of the issue of the certificate is sent to the e-mail address given in the order.

Certificate revoke:

    E-mail ID certificate can be revoked:

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    1. through the customer account in the Certum system.
      • log in
      • In the Manage Certificates tab -> select the certificate to be canceled and then click Revoke
    2. by sending by registered mail an official letter requesting the cancelation, signed by the subscriber or an authorized person
    3. by sending a request using a special form

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