Renew or activate signature

Electronic signature activation

How to activate NEW
Certum's electronic signature?

Activate a Signature

Electronic signature renewal

Renewal of Certum's e-signature
step by step

Renew a Signature

We have prepared a set of functional tools for you which will facilitate the installation and use of the SSL Certificate.

Diagnostics of SSL certificate

enter the domain name and check if the SSL certificate was installed correctly on your server.


CSR Decoder

helps you to display and verify the encoded data of your CSR file in an easy way.


CSR Generator

with the use of a clear form you will generate the CSR file needed to order and issue an SSL Certificate.


Compatibility of a private key/CSR with SSL certificate

Compliance between a private key/CSR with SSL Certificate will help you to verify if the files: “private key” and “CSR” are compatible with your SSL Certificate.


Generate a PFX/P12 package

The tool is designed to create packages containing a private key and a certificate (PFX/P12 file)


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