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How to buy E-mail ID certificate (S/MIME)?

The purchase of E-mail ID certificate consists of the following steps

  • Choose from our store the ID certificate appropriate for your needs and add it to the cart
  • After selecting the service/services, check your cart and confirm the order by clickingplace order
  • The next step is to Log on to your account with the store:
    1. I am already a customer and have an account – Log into your account
    2. I do not have an account – Create a new account
  • Add address details and make sure that the data are entered correctly. (The data necessary for the certificate will be provided at the stage of certificate activation.)
  • Choose the appropriate payment method: standard bank transfer, electronic transfer or payment by card.

Certificate activation

  • The information on the order placed at the Certum store is sent to the e-mail address provided in the order form and the Activation Code is available on your account: „Your account / certificate activation”
  •  Select “Certificate Activation” and use the received code and click: Activate
  • The process of generating the S/MIME certificate consists of the following stages:
  1.  Choosing a method for delivering the keys for the certificate
  2.  Entering certificate data in the form
    • Generating a pair of keys – recommended option (creating a pair of keys within the framework of the archives of a web browser or operating system)
    • CSR (Certificate Signing Request) – request for signing the certificate; the CSR file will be sent to the certification authority for signing, i.e. creating an appropriate public key
  3. Entering certificate data in the form
  4.  Confirmation of the declaration
  • Email address verification –by clicking on verification link that is sent to your email address during activation process.
  • Sending of documents confirming identity / corporate documents; depending on the ID certificate type,
  •  After successful verification of all information sent to CERTUM, a message about the issuance of the certificate will be sent to the e-mail address provided in the order for.

How and when will I receive a proof of payment?

After the payment for the selected Email ID certificate has been credited, the invoice will be sent using 1 out of 3 delivery methods (the method is selected during the order placement):

  • To e-mail address (electronic version)
  • To the buyer’s address (traditional version)
  • To the delivery address (traditional version)

How long does it take to issue E-mail ID certificate?

Certificate Email ID Individual Email ID Business

Standard time of issue after verification




Standard time of issue after verification

Email ID Individual


Email ID Business


How do I pay for my Email ID certificate?

We offer our customers two solutions:

  • Quick transfer: via eCard – Card payment, Electronic transfer, PayPal, Blik, Google Pay
  • Traditional transfer: payments can be made by simple transfer using the Internet, at a bank outlet or at the post office.

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